Still_Pharmakos_CafePharmakos“, by Laura Vandewynckel ( Greece – France 2018, 14 min. )


Two strange characters are debarked on the island of Sifnos. Step by step they are carried along through the reenactment of the ancient Pharmakos ritual.

• Brussels Short Film Festival 2018

• Athens International Film Festival 2018 – Competition


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And On He Walks“, by Elad Keidan ( France/Israel 2013, 10 min. )


A Greek family is relaxing on the beach. The father is filming his son playing in the sand when a couple of loudly quarreling tourists appear in the frame.

• Locarno Concorso Internazionale – Pardi di Domani 2013



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Déjà JeudiDéjà Jeudi“, by Alexandre Castres ( France 2010, 15 min. )

Kawabata prend en stop Nabokov. Ils échangent sur la jeunesse, la vieillesse, les ravages du temps…

• 28ème Festival International du Film de Montagne d’Autrans 2011

• International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA  2011

• 11ème Festival du Film Court Francophone de Vaulx-en-Velin 2012



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Mécanique du mouvementLa Mécanique du Mouvement“, by Alexandre Castres ( France 2009, 11 min. )


L’ennui et l’immobilité mènent le gardien d’un musée à s’intéresser à la danse.




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